Saturday, October 2, 2010


School buses are orange so you'll notice them and take care to avoid harming the youngsters as they exit the door helter-skelter. I almost always take a window seat on the plane, and one of my amusements is to see how long it takes to spot a school bus as we descend.

If you are a small fish in a brownwater pond, it's probably best not to be the colour of a school bus. It would be unfortunate if your progenitors had been selectively bred to be the colour of a school bus, and then a couple, specifically Mom & Dad, had been dumped into a brownwater pond.

Heron, grebe, osprey, kingfisher and so on.

A few of you may survive to keep this going.


Vasha said...

I wonder how long it'll be until a less-visible mutation pops up and spreads through the population? Not too long, probably, since it would only take a single gene.

biobabbler said...

delightful =)