Saturday, November 20, 2010

First snow.

A nice, postcardy, fluffy snow, about 2 inches here. Dilemma:  shovel sidewalk or wait for it to melt?  Uh-oh, the neighbour-lady is shoveling hers, and no doubt will attack ours next.  Not so fast!

I got out there in time to beat her to it, so she shoveled the walk for the neighbours on the other side instead.  It's tough living next door to genuinely super nice people.  You have to raise your game.

House Finches go well with snow.


Sally said...

And with the RPL new look!

biobabbler said...

Nice. =) We got a bit of snow but it was quite wet. Tho' the next few days we'll get more--we'll see. However, we have no sidewalks to shovel, no paved driveway, so we can stay indoors despite how kind our neighbors are. Charming shot of that finch!

Earl Cootie said...

House Finches go well with snow.

Like cardinals in the east. Out here we've got to settle for what red we can get, I suppose.