Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mad moment at Terra Nova.

I was walking along the western dyke, next to the long, deep water-filled ditch.  Suddenly, flying toward me were two panicked, keening Greater Yellowlegs, pursued by a frantically croaking Great Blue Heron, and by nothing else.


Was the heron after the yellowlegs?  Did it have Peregrine dreams?

Mighty downbeats, neck extended, bill in mid-croak.

The nimble yellowlegs circled around and settled back in the ditch, farther along.

The heron landed on a birch bough and assumed heron cool.

 And the yellowlegs went back to what they were doing, nervously.

I'm not sure what it was all about.  Maybe now and then a heron, broad of wingspan but tiny of cranium, snaps.


Amber Coakley said...

I just returned from a trip to Florida, where I learned that Great Blue Herons will eat young alligators...If I were a yellowlegs, I might flee from a GBH too, just to be safe. ;-)

KaHolly said...

Heron cool.
Peregrin dreams.
That's why I enjoy your posts so much. Great little adventure.

Anonymous said...

Strange. But having seen a video recently of a pelican eating a pigeon (yeah, really), little surprises. I like your conclusion; it could be said of a couple of basketball players in the news as well.

Tim said...

Alternate title: the time Mr. Hesitation didn't.
(if that was in fact Mr. Hesitation's work)

Hugh said...

Amber, Yes, they'll eat almost anything, but usually something they stab at after sneaking up. I think it just wanted to make the yellowlegs scream.

Thanks, Karen.

OWTD: I once saw a video of a turtle eating a pigeon. I guess they are universally delicious.

Tim: Mr. H. never could have caught even a blurry image. Well, he would have hesitated until everything was just so, and taken a very nice picture of nothing in particular. I was using a Canon EOS with a zoom lens, on sport setting--click click click. Low winter light though, and slow autofocus.