Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peak Ginkgo.

The Ginkgo biloba at Paulik Park is pretty close to peak colour.  Like  most ornamental ginkgos, it's

a male tree, because ginkgo fruits have an objectionable odor, so they say.  In any case,

he is an extremely handsome tree, now thirty-something feet tall.

Every so often I get a hit on Rock Paper Lizard from someone searching for an image of a "ginkgo lizard."  (I have posted on Ginkgo before, and the blog name completes the algorithmic oops.)   I wonder what a  "ginkgo lizard" would look like, most likely a hybrid between a skink and a gecko, a saurian bullet train with sticky wheels, which doesn't sound very functional.  It would probably be yellow.

Not blending.


biobabbler said...

That's totally funny you say that re: lizard. I read your post title as peak gecko, so was surprised to see pictures of a tree. Peak ginkgo is a really good tongue twister! Makes me want to say pink gecko. =) LOVE that tree.

Vasha said...

Ithaca NY does have female ginkgos along the streets (good for them). To me, the fruits don't smell bad, just faintly fruity. But then again, I'm probably genetically unable to smell butyric acid (the "rancid butter" odor source in the fruits); one time there was some butter that other people said had gone bad and I couldn't smell anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

Here in NYC, you occasionally come across the unmistakeable, uh, aroma of a female gingko tree. But it's not so different from the many other smells wafting around the streets. Last weekend, the many gingkos on the streets and parks were at yellow-fire peak and golden leaves showered down whenever a gust picked up. Lovely photos.