Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peregrine issues.

Yes, these dowitchers are nervous.  They have Peregrine issues. They ask themselves, "Is it better to be in the middle or at the edge?"

Here's one who thinks outside the dowitcher box.  His/her plan is to hide, rail-like, amid the marsh plants.

All have reason to have issues.  The bogey-man is real and he is


Meanwhile, in a tree at the opposite end of the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, a young Cedar Waxwing slowly molts .  His issue? Being photographed in mid-molt.


biobabbler said...

Nice. I was doing a shorebird count once, overlooking the southern end of a peninsula and suddenly ALL the birds, including brown pelicans, TOOK OFF (dozens and dozens of birds). Then I heard the scream from over my head. Then I saw the Peregrine diving.

No wonder. NO bird takes Peregrines lightly, apparently.

JUST missed seeing wax wings Saturday: heard but didn't notice super high pitched sounds, then brain finally kicked in and I thought: could it be? Wax wings? And then I saw a tight group of silhouetted birds flying away. Glad you had better luck!

KaHolly said...

Such drama! As always, presented in a most clever post. ~kaholly