Thursday, November 11, 2010

Silver bird.

I learned last weekend of a Silver Pheasant that has appeared recently at the Richmond Nature Park.  We were passing by today and decided to drop in for a look.  The bird was easy to find, being large and largely white in a dark, mossy habitat.  There was also the photographer already there with a 500 mm lens pointed at it.

The pheasant was among the salal and blueberry bushes close to the bird-feeding station behind the nature house.  It was happy to stay deep in the brush, and I didn't have time to wait for it to feel peckish enough to venture back out, so did what I have done many times in that park whilst observing wildlife--crawled on my belly beneath the arching blueberry branches.

The above, unfortunately, was the best shot I got.  It started to rain, and not all in our party were willing to risk a soaking for a good look at a bird, even one this spectacular.

I'm sure if you went there and just sat on one of the nearby benches and waited, the pheasant would eventually emerge from the underbrush to provide a much fuller view.  Word is, early morning is best.

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PSYL said...

Weird...I wonder where did it come from? An abandoned pet perhaps? Just like the Ring-necked at Terra Nova, no?

Btw, nice new blog design!

KaHolly said...

I like your new blog design, too. I've never heard of a silver pheasant. How lucky you were to see one!

Hugh said...

PSYL, I'm certain it was abandoned. There have been Ring-neckeds at Terra Nova since I started birding there more than 10 years ago, but no others that behaved like that particular bird.

Karen, Thanks. Silver Pheasant is an Asian species. Apparently they are common in aviaries and therefore get released in odd places.