Monday, November 8, 2010

Suburban scavenging.

There are tens of thousands of Northwestern Crows in this city, but very few Common Ravens.  These are birds of the wilderness, the true wild Pacific Northwest, where their diet consists mostly of animal flesh, much of that carrion.  There is a single pair of ravens in our particular neighbourhood, where there is a dearth of wolf kills, and thanks to a vigilant works department, very few lingering road kills.  So where is a raven to look for food?

Same as almost everyone else.  They go to the mall.  But they approach from a different direction, from the staff parking lot at the back,

 Note the diamond-shaped tail.

 where the dumpsters are.

 The prize?  It looks like a strip of beef fat.  

This pair (or at least, a pair) has been hanging around the mall for years, having found a way to cope in a greatly modified habitat. A fine example of corvid cleverness.

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KaHolly said...

They are so clever. We have several. They hang out in the cemetary that adjoins my property on the back boundary. They make me laugh daily!