Sunday, November 7, 2010

Westham/Reifel Islands Sandhill Cranes.

They came from the fog.

Not really.  They wandered across the shallow lagoon to where we were standing, and I clicked before the camera had focused,

a family of Sandhill Cranes. I'm guessing these are residents of the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. 

They were followed by a larger group, all adults, one (just southeast of centre in the above image) with colour bands on one leg, and a blue satellite transmitter on the other (marking says HOO1).  The family group seemed intent on mooching from us, but the others, likely migrants, were more stand-offish. 

On the way back, crossing Westham Island, we saw another flock of Sandhills, thirteen birds in a muddy farm field, very close to the road.  A very craney day.

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KaHolly said...

They are magnificent! I've only had the pleasure of seeing one, once, roaming around a residential area in Orlando. Quite extraordinary.