Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Much rain, much water.

The foreshore of the island was flooded today.  This probably happens several times a year, but I don't wander the dyke every day, and this was the most aqueous I have ever seen it.

The radar reflectors were out wading in the strait.  They don't often get to do that.  It seems to have been high tide, although I haven't checked the charts.  There has been a lot of rain lately, because it is December, and here.  Nevertheless, fun was to be had.

A young eagle flew overhead, out over the marsh, to join a trio of others

who were battling over ownership of the nearest reflector.  Those unique contraptions are raptor magnets, often decorated with eagles, occasionally with falcons.

Our winter, predicted to be relatively harsh (for here) has not panned out to be anything special --rain rain gap rain rain-- and I would not be surprised if it stays that way.  The reason is obvious.  We bought snow tires.  Best wishes to those in the east who have received more than their share.


Sally said...

We want some!! (Choke, gasp...)

Yes, the mountains have plenty, but down here in the foothills, it's deadly drought!

Thanks for the reminder of what water looks like...

Hugh said...

You're welcome Sally, and welcome to as much as you want. Things are definitely becoming spongey around here.

RPS77 said...

Very nice pictures. We haven't actually gotten all that much snow in central Massachusetts - almost all of it fell a few days ago, and we got less than they had been predicting (18-20 inches predicted, got 10-12 inches). Other parts of the northeastern US have gotten pounded a lot more than we have, though - Boston and New York got more from the storm, and I think that upstate New York has gotten several feet of lake effect snow over the last month (though they always get more because of the lakes).