Saturday, December 18, 2010

New star.

We've never had a proper tannenbaum tree-topper-until now.  Angels were never an option, and any star we tried never looked quite right, or fit properly.  Recently, an artists' consignment shop opened in a nearby mall and there it was, a Pisaster (or something very like it).  Pisaster ochraceus, or Purple Sea Star, is what we find glued onto rocky shores or on wharf-pilings at low tide. Sea stars, like all other echinoderms, are, of course,  magical. 

Perhaps anticipation of such a fine find is why I painted the room purple a few years ago. 

And now the tree has two starfish.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Very different and unique!

Eskarina said...

I love it!
You may have started a new trend in Christmas ornaments!

Garden Lily said...

That's a really neat star!

Kim and Victoria said...

I like your tree topper. Very nice.
In the next town someone put up some lights shaped just like a starfish but I think they thought they were making a star. Oh well. The starfish lights look good anyway.