Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunshine, snowline.

 Looking north.

Today brought a break in the drear, and it seemed a good idea to take advantage of the change and bike to the mouth of the Fraser.  There are many days during the darker half of the year that you can only take on trust that Vancouver has a handsome montane backdrop.  But now and then you get a day like today, with a clear blue sky, and as a bonus, recent mountain snow that reveals the elevation where plus met minus.

Looking west.

You can only bike as far as here without falling into the foreshore marsh.  Thankfully, there is a sturdy dyke to pedal along.  This picture shows the lumpy topography of a section of southern Vancouver Island and the the Strait of Georgia.  The circular wooden contraption in the lower right corner is a radar reflector, one of an evenly-spaced row that helps ships manage not to run aground on a shore of minuscule profile.  If you look closely, you may see two bald eagles perched upon the reflector, one adult, one juvenile.

Tomorrow, the rain returns.

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