Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Westham vistas.

 Looking across south arm of Fraser River to Garry Point (Richmond).

I love driving across Westham Island (Delta, BC) on sunny winter days.  It was very nice of the Fraser River to cough up an expansive pan of silt from which one can enjoy the mountains far enough away that Vancouver's sprawl is partly obscured.

Looking northeast to downtown Burnaby. That part of that city is build along a ridge, which is why it's visible from a distance.

Farther inland, toward Pitt Meadows.

At this time of year, such skies can be few and far between.  Years ago I moved to Vancouver in early December.  It was several weeks before I saw the mountains.  I only believed they were there because at night, through the murk, the lights of the ski hills glowed like frozen fireworks.

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