Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anna's Hummingbirds in frosty Vancouver.

 Frosted logs.

It was the third sunny, frosty morning in a row, and we decided to play tourist at Stanley Park in Vancouver.  I haven't been there in ages--apart from taking children to the aquarium--which seems odd; when we first moved to Vancouver I spent as much time as possible exploring the trails and walking/jogging/biking the seawall.

It is (relatively) cold.  Coal Harbour is iced over.  We stopped at the totem poles and, like any other tourist, took pictures.

While I was looking through the camera, I heard from above and behind the scritchy insectine song of an Anna's Hummingbird, followed by the metallic "Pink!" of a display dive.  I took a few minutes to find the birds (there were two) against the bright sky. 

One was perched at the top of a small tree, singing. The other was flying high, diving down, putting on a show, and expending a lot of energy on this cold winter day.


JoLynne Lyon said...

I've visited Stanley Park. Thanks for the memories! Good job capturing such a small bird.

Amber Coakley said...

I had no idea that hummingbirds would be so far north at this time of year. that normal?

Victoria said...

Wow! I didn't know hummingbirds stayed year-round, even in Vancouver.

Hugh said...

JoLynne, thanks!

Amber & Victoria, Anna's Hummingbirds are non-migratory. They have gradually moved north from the south because (it is believed) that they have been benefitting from the presence of feeders put out by people intending to attract the migratory Rufous Hummingbirds. In the fall, when the RUHUs head to Mexico, the Anna's stick around, and people keep feeding them. They are now winter residents in much of the Lower Mainland and southern Vancouver Island.

Nice to see you back blogging again, Victoria. Congratulations on finishing first term at Guelph.

Kim and Victoria said...

I still can't get over people spotting hummingbirds in cold weather.
Love Vancouver.

Vasha said...

Odd for the hummingbirds to be singing at this time of year... and today I heard a chickadee sing (two-noted whistle). What's up with that?