Monday, January 17, 2011

Another ditch duck.

Here's a new bird for my ditch list.  (I don't really have a ditch list, and if I did, it would likely consist mostly of shopping carts.) A female Bufflehead.  It's not a bird I would expect to see in a shallow, narrow drainage ditch in the middle of suburbia. More typically they are seen on large ponds, lakes, harbours and bays.  I startled her as I rode my bike along the adjacent paved path.  She flew above the ditch in the same direction I was going.  She thought I was chasing her, and it sort of, inevitably, became a race.  Yes, I can pedal as fast as a small, panicked duck can fly (into a brisk headwind, I add).

My moving, elevated vantage point afforded a fun view of the bird, which remained slightly below eye level most of the way.  Fortunately, I turned to look ahead just in time to skirt around the steel hydro box, which pre-dates the bike path and sits squarely in the middle of it.  Ass-over-tea kettle as the bird flew on--it would have been a classic birding moment.


biobabbler said...

Nice. Way to stay vertical. LOVE buffleheads. LOVE. What a fun surprise!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love that second pic. Also your description.