Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gurgling downspouts.

It snowed overnight, about 7 inches of heavy wet snow, made wetter and heavier by the rain that followed.  Were it Saturday, I would have let it lie, melt on its own, but because the car had to go out early this morning I dragged myself outside and like neighbours on either side in the pre-dawn dark shoveled the driveway and the walk.  Later in the morning the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the temperature soared.  I stood between houses listening to snowmelt rushing down metal pipes.

That was neat.

By tomorrow the snow will be gone, apart from the linear remains of our shoveling efforts, and in the schoolyards, the many hummocks that once were snowmen.

In other words, a typical Vancouver snow event.


Cicero Sings said...

I was out in the dark shoveling too ... as the fellow was to come and work on my shower. Only my snow is here to stay!

Hugh said...

You have real snow, real winter. It's pretty. I love the pictures from your walks.

Karen said...

I think you got the dump that passed Seattle by. We just had an inch or two and it was mostly slush by morning. One small gravel-flecked snowgirl was built, a few slushballs were thrown at school, that's about it. Not that I'm complaining!