Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magic coffee table.

Recently we were given a coffee table with a circular glass top.  We have never had a coffee table before.  I have always felt that coffee tables are things from the sixties that take up space and make vacuuming difficult.  Plus, I drink coffee on front on my computer, where the constant danger of dumping it on my keyboard or spit-taking it on the monitor makes life more exciting.

Today I was lying on the sofa, reading, and happened to glance at the new, circular coffee table, and I saw the above.  In a desert somewhere, a spaceship has landed.


biobabbler said...

Very cool. One of my favorite photographs EVER is one the film processor returned upside down (yes, in the olden days)--a nice shot of wetlands in winter, white/blonde weeds, STILL, mirror-like water reflecting the blue skies. And when upside down you still kind of think it's right side up, but something is off. And here here to life in the fast lane with coffee. =)

biobabbler said...

PS you inspired me to find and post that reflect-y shot yours reminded me off. LOVE that kind of thing. =) Thanks!

Garden Lily said...

I also think the photo is upside down. That looks like a ceiling, not a table. Especially since there is no cord. But still a cool shot.