Friday, January 28, 2011

Sea Ravens.

6 Double-crested Cormorants on an 8-cormorant log.

According to Wikipedia,  "cormorant" is a contraction derived from the Latin corvus marinus, "sea raven."


Garden Lily said...

Looks like an 8 1/2 cormorant log, and the fellow with his wings stretched out is making sure he gets 1 1/2 spaces.

I like the wiggly vertical lines running through the photo. Did you run some "watercolour" or other post-photo effect? It has that look.

Hugh said...

Lily, You're probably right; it's an 8.5. I like the wiggly lines too. They are reflections from the siding of a white industrial building on the other side of the river. Yes, I used the "drybrush" artistic filter in Photoshop.

biobabbler said...

Wow, how VERY interesting. I had no idea. Reading Greek mythology right now, speaking of word/language origins, so am presently being amazed at how many people I know are named after Greek/Roman gods. Including Cynthia?!? Nice shot. =)

KaHolly said...

I had no idea. I love learning how things in nature get their names. Thanks.