Friday, January 14, 2011


It sure feels like spring. The temperature is 12C/54F, which is very balmy for mid-January.  The seven inches of snow of only two days ago is but a foggy memory.  Snowmen have never perished so quickly.

In a ditch at Garden City Park three male Hooded Mergansers are putting the moves on a single female.  How does she choose among equally beau beaus?

The photo isn't very sharp because I was only carrying Mr. Hesitation, an elderly (10 yr old!) point-and-shoot.  He is slow, but over the years I have managed to take a number of remarkable photos with him. I regard him with equal amounts affection and exasperation.


biobabbler said...

Wow, what a treat, those birds. Once in my life I saw several male hooded mergansers courting a female, including displays and calls. I thought I'd died and gone it heaven. it was the FIRST time I EVER saw this species. They are the coolest. Lovely shot!

Hugh said...

bb, I guess we're spoiled here because they are common on small, inland freshwater bodies of water for much of the winter. But I don't believe I have ever heard one vocalize!

Karen said...

Those guys look like such goofballs. Actually, it's surprising how different all the males look, their white patches on the crests are so unique. I hope she picks a winner. Good for you for not ditching your old standby - we have so many old cameras lying around in various states of disrepair.

Kim and Victoria said...

We're in the middle of warmer weather also. I'm afraid we'll be hit with the cold again soon.