Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yet another duck.

Completion of the Diving Duck Trilogy:  Today there were three or four Common Mergansers (all male) in the pond at Garden City Park in Richmond.  The pond itself is not looking its best; the water level has been lowered to allow room for storm water inflow, and the edges are unattractive expanses of mud and cat-tail stubble.

Nevertheless there's enough water to sustain whatever fish life exists, sticklebacks and liberated goldfish and their offspring.  The mergansers were foraging, looking down,

and diving (which was why it was difficult to tell if there were three or four).


biobabbler said...

Man, those are gorgeous ducks. I remember I gasped the first time I saw one, and when I was told it was "common" merganser, I thought it was not named well. Stunning merganser is closer to the truth. Nice!

Hugh said...

bb: yes, they are very handsome. Many birds named "Common" aren't (in either sense). Those bird-namers have a lot to answer for.