Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Angry bird.

Grumpy at least.  A male Greater Scaup is giving me the evil (golden) eye.  These dapper little ducks breed  across the continent, mostly between 60 degrees North latitude and the Arctic Circle, and then migrate to the coasts for the winter.

The female is mostly chocolate brown, with a broad white ring at the base of the bill.


biobabbler said...

lol. I clicked on the shot of the male and he DOES look like he's totally grumpy, glaring at you. Also, GORGEOUS. Hee. Fun post.

Dave said...

I always struggle with separating the Greater and Lesser Scaup - perhaps identifying them according to their mood is a better way to go! Nice photos ... and he does look grumpy!

Hugh said...

Thanks, BB.

Dave, I'm not always sure either. This one I'm pretty confident about because of the whiteness of the sides (Lesser have more barring), and the hunched posture--and that the list for Reifel that day included Greater, but not Lesser.