Monday, February 14, 2011

Backyard bird scrapbook.

Recently I've taken a number of poor pictures of  birds in the backyard.  I also recently purchased a new version of Photoshop.  Voila--making the most of bad bird photos.  The bird above is a Hermit Thrush, a first for the yard list, photo taken on January 29. (Artistic filter: dry brush.)

Today has been windy, and the Bushtits on the suet cage were swinging around so crazily that it was impossible to obtain a crisp photo.  (Artistic filter: poster edges.)

On February 9, a Steller's Jay visited.  These birds are not common outside coniferous forests, and are always fun to see. (Artistic filter: cut out.) 

Also on February 9, the much sought-after Varied Thrush.  A crop of a distant photo.  (Artistic filter: fresco.)


KaHolly said...

Wow, you have some interesting birds that come to visit. Love what you did with the pictures!

biobabbler said...

ooh, great birds! Varied thrush and hermit thrush are some of my seldom seen faves. The sound I knew I'd most miss leaving Mount Rainier was varied thrush calls. Haunting and unforgettable.

Hugh said...

Hi Karen,thanks. Yes, over time, a lot of species drop by.

BB, The call of the Varied Thrush is indeed haunting and unforgettable, especially when you're standing in the middle of a dark, dripping wet northwest forest.