Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elephant Super Car Wash

Here's a picture I've taken before.  This is the Peace Arch, dead-centre in the prettily-landscaped quarter-mile no-person's-land between the official border crossings.  Notice the flags.  Almost every time I cross the line they are flat-sheet all-out.


We went to Seattle to see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  HP has recently become big in our household.  Proudly behind the curve.

I usually take photos from the car on the way down.  The drive to Seattle is, in places, picturesque, especially the winding, mountainous area south of Bellingham, and, following that, the Skagit Valley with its pancake-flat farmland backed by dramatic mini-mountains.  But today was gloomier than usual, resulting in pictures lacking sharpness.  Shooting from a moving car can work in bright light; today the flocks of Trumpeter Swans in the fields were sad white blurs.

By the way, the parkade at the Pacific Science Center is a multi-story nightmare.  In your hunt for a spot you start at the top, and wind your way down through the narrowest ramps imaginable, each a quantum-drop in lost hope, to park in a cave.  Then, afterward,  you have to climb your way back out into daylight, praying there's still paint on the sides of your vehicle. Note for imminent follow-up visit to PSC:  Park in one of the lots on 1st Ave N, just a block away!

We had H-Pot tickets for noon, so had time to kill.  We went to the butterfly house.  As in the real lepidopteran world, most of the butterflies were somewhat tattered, not camera-worthy.

This one was intact, but a bit droopy. A recent release from the sci-fi nursery?

The Harry Potter exhibit was crowded, and I kept hoping it was over, but then we would go around a corner and there was more of it.   It was nice to get back outside, into the wind.  But then we had to descend into the Parkade of Doom to rescue our car.

I always enjoy going to Seattle.  It's pretty and interesting in a multitude of ways and the drivers are very civil, forgiving of clueless visitors.  However, the surprise hills (today: westbound Denny Way) can scare the crap out of flatlanders whose talking GPS devices don't say, "Prepare to lean forward and grip the dashboard." 

Elephant Super Car Wash made us happy.

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Urban Wild said...

The moth is spectacular! I see all too few here in SoCal. And never anything as lovely as this one. A Luna Moth is on my bucket list. Thanks for posting.