Sunday, February 13, 2011

Peak heron.

The ditches, foreshore and fields of Lulu Island are lousy with Great Blue Herons at this time of year.  In a few weeks, mature birds will be heading to nearby heronries, but until then, they will linger among us, hunting vole and fish and...well, I'm not sure what else at this time of year.

Extreme northwest corner of the island, a collection point for handsome adults.  Two more were there, but flew before I could dismount from my bike and fumble with my camera.  This is the same site that provided the banner for last year's blog, Daily Heron.  That blog sailed along nicely until spring, when the herons mostly disappeared.  I don't plan on resurrecting it.

I rolled down a path on the inside slope of the dyke and had to brake hard to keep from bumping into this one, who had no interest in fleeing.  Local birds become so accustomed to humans that with a 75 mm lens I had to back away to get a picture.  I've taken so many pictures of herons that I wonder why I still do.  No I don't.  How can you not?


biobabbler said...

I agree with "how can you not?" Gorgeous, regal, elaborate (close up), and HUGE. =) And they kill and eat rattlesnakes so are SUPER TOUGH. =) Nice.

Urban Wild said...

They are nesting here in Southern California. A bird buddy of mine got a great shot of two young 'uns in a nest.