Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big bill.

Floating among foraging mallards was this somewhat shabby-looking mystery duck.  Well, not entirely a mystery;  the splotch of chestnut on the side is a giveaway, but not as much as...

Northern Shoveler, eclipse  plumage.

...the schnoz.

It seems late to find a bird not in full breeding plumage.  Later in the day I came across another male in an almost identical condition.

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biobabbler said...

1. The juxtaposition of those 2 shots elicited an "Oh-my-God!" even though I am quite familiar with shovelers. My husband frequently exclaims about their big beezers. Total Jimmy Durante.

2. Yes, v. interesting they're still in winter don't-see-me-just-wanna-not-freeze/starve plumage.

Well named creature.