Saturday, March 12, 2011

Public Service Announcement: It's RUHU time.


The weather has been so cold and cranky lately that it's easy to forget that by the end of this week the first Rufous Hummingbirds will be passing through as they migrate as far north as Alaska.  Perhaps they'll be a bit later than usual this year, because their travels depend to some extent on the flowering of salmonberries and flowering red currant, which here at least seem cowed by the cold.

In previous years I have maintained a feeder throughout the winter because of a resident Anna's Hummingbird (they don't migrate), but with no sign of a winter Anna's this year, I didn't bother.

In southern BC, now is the time to put it back up. Ides of March, Saint Patrick's Day, RUHU time.



Dave said...

Saw one of the overwintering Anna's last week down at the Filberg in Comox. Still waiting for the RUHUs to show up here too. No salmonberry or red-flowering currant out yet so still too early yet!

Eskarina said...

Thank you very much for the public service announcement. I had my first visitor today!