Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm on a boat. Part 3: Land jo!

I was sitting in the endless buffet-loop cafeteria (Deck 12) nearing midday of Day Three on the boat ship.  I was eating.  Everyone was eating.  Eat eat eat. As I gazed out to sea, I recalled that we were supposed to arrive at our first port of call at noon.  This meant that if I walked to the far side of the endless buffet-loop cafeteria, I should probably be able to see land.

Tierra ho!

I wove through the tables and passengers and serving staff, head-faked the woman who stands just inside the door with a spray bottle meant to ward off the dreaded Cruise Ship Flu, and approached the giant window on the other side. There indeed, on the other side of the giant window, was land.  I went outside to the swimming pool, and climbed up a few levels among the sprawled sun-worshippers.  Gradually over the previous two days the air had warmed, and white people had started turning pink.

Eat Bloat Burn

As we continued on, the land became lumpier and more interesting.  

And then it became famous.  The boat wandered around the tip of the peninsula, past the iconic arch at Cabo San Lucas.

We entered the bay and parked across from the the largest beach. It was time to go downstairs and change into one's borderline imbecilic warm-weather tourist clothes.

Within an hour, we would be on that beach, inexpensive beer in hand, looking back at the boat, whose beer is ridiculously expensive.  If I were to make a single recommendation to Norwegian Cruise Lines, it would be this:  Less food, more ( & much cheaper) beer.


Nature ID (Katie) said...

I've been enjoying your boat series and following your experience on a cruise ship. The "Eat Bloat Burn" made me laugh. It reminds me why I've never had a desire to do a cruise. Curious, what is this spray bottle for warding off Cruise Ship Flu?

Hugh said...

Hi Katie, "Cruise ship flu" is a Norovirus-caused gastroenteritis that crops up in cruise ships. The spray bottle contained an antiseptic solution to be sprayed on your hands, should you so desire.

Dave said...

I've never had the desire to take a cruise so I think I'll just live vicariously through your trip - is it everything you dreamed it to be? Love the spray bottle, hope you're washing your hands!