Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm on a boat, Part 6: La mano de Roberto.

During the night we sailed from arid Cabo San Lucas, across the mouth of the Sea of Cortez, to awaken as our vessel arrived at the pier at steamy Puerto Vallarta.  I had looked at Puerto Vallarta on Google Earth prior to our journey.  The cruise ship port lies next to a military base, a multi-lane road, and, ugh, a Walmart parking lot.  It did not seem like a promising place to visit.

We ate a large breakfast, glaring out the windows at two more enemy ships, a Dutch one and a Disney one.

 We were told that there were beige cabs that would take us from the boat into the old town for about twelve dollars.  There was an old town?  We were warned to be back at the boat by 3PM, that it would leave without us if we were late.

We were assigned to a cab with a driver named Roberto.  Our intention was to have him drive us into the old town for twelve dollars.  And then what?  We didn't know.  Walk around aimlessly, nervously watching our watches, ready to flag down another cab to get us back to the boat as quickly as possible?

But then Roberto said, "I can take you on a tour of all of Puerto Vallarta, the beautiful houses, the beach, the town, the seaside, the jungle, the cathedral, anything you want, for twenty-five dollars an hour."  We surprised ourselves by agreeing to this.  For all we knew he would drive us into the jungle and we would be beset by henchmen. Off we went!

Puerto Vallarta runs along the coast, and up a very steep slope.  Roberto took us on curving roller-coaster cobblestone roads.

But first he took us to the waterfront, known for its statues and sand sculptures.

Magnificent Frigate Birds enjoy the statues too.

A 3-pelican back yard.   How cool is that?

We went higher and higher and farther and farther from the boat.

Twenty-five dollars took us all the way here.  Somewhere near those distant hi-rises is our boat.

 La mano de Roberto.

But we were to go farther still.  Thataway. Into the jungle.



Sally said...

I'm learning so much! I'd even forgotten that "mano" is feminine...

Hang in there, you're providing a great service.

biobabbler said...

"Wow, super nifty." I realize that sentence is super 1950s, but how COOL way up there in those hills!