Sunday, April 24, 2011

Look! Behind the bush, it's the Easter B-

Oh.  Never mind.

Majestic ice-eyed beast.  He looks too pampered to be a bird-killer (tho' I bet he can).   Some poor warbler, having struggled here from Central America, could easily be snagged as a play-thing by Easter Fluffy.

Something else to keep in mind, North American suburbanites, there are probably coyotes in your neighbourhood. (Certainly there are here, in ubersuburban Richmond.)  They like cats too, but for a different reason.   I would not be surprised to see a picture of this cat stapled to a telephone pole sometime soon (I.e., a "Missing" poster).

I love cats.  Keep them indoors.

Somewhat along the same lines: Out walking the dog.


biobabbler said...

At first I had the WRONG image of "picture of this cat stapled to a telephone pole" -- EW!

Hear hear, again. Nice 1st bunny? shot.

And bobcats, which are also widespread in N.A., simply dispatch kitties and continue on their rounds. Apparently they do NOT tolerate competition. One day walking to the shed I found a dead orange tabby. Just laying there, damp from morning dew, and too flat to be sleeping. Not eaten at all. Asked wildlife guy and he gave me above explanation.

Not OUR kitties, thank you very much. They snooze happily indoors, day and night.

Hugh said...

bb: Sorry for the unintended gruesome image. Interesting about the bobcats.

Urban Wild said...

Funny picture!
But you are right--cats do indeed take a huge toll on the songbird population. The statistics are staggering. Keeping cats indoors is not only good for the birds, it's better for the cats. They pick up less disease, don't get in fights, and if they aren't fixed don't add to overpopulation of puddies.
I have two cats and they stay inside. As a responsible owner, it's the right thing to do.