Saturday, April 30, 2011

Skilled bill.

Low tide at False Creek. I watched a heron stalking something among the rocks and barnacles

Closer it crept, and stab!  What could it be?

At first I thought the bird missed, but it flipped its head back and swallowed something,

something tiny, a fish I think.  That's quite an ability -- to nab something so small, and motile, looking down into murky water.


sarah said...

if you look at the reflection of its bill in the third picture, you can see quite clearly there's something (presumably) tasty there. nice pix!

Hugh said...

Sarah, Good eye! I looked at the original (4X larger) image. It looks like a small fish.

Tim said...

My wife and I were flipping through the local Richmond newspaper today, each of us with a different edition, when she said, "there's a bug talk going on." I replied, "no thanks, probably just something for kids." I glanced over at the article and upon seeing your name, said, "I know that guy!". Alas, I cannot attend (1pm on a Friday?) but it would'be been nice to meet you.

Hugh said...

Tim, thanks. Those talks are primarily intended for seniors, so I'm not sure you would have been eligible to attend anyway. I don't know what the exclusions are. I often wonder if, when out birding, I'll bump into you or PSYL or Wanderin' Weeta, and a few other local bloggers too. If only someone would invent some technology to make meeting people possible.