Sunday, May 22, 2011

Before the bugs.

Or the snails or whoever it is who chews holes in my Rodgersia. This Asian plant--my best guess is that it's R. aesculifolia--is one of my favourites. It likes damp, shady places, but can tough out short spells of hot and dry.  From leaflet-tip to leaflet-tip, the leaves can be more than a foot across.  It grows near our front door. I expect that postal carriers and those brown guys from UPS are momentarily thrilled upon delivering stuff to our house.

The Rodgersia is presently nowhere near flowering, another plant way behind last year, thanks to the miserablest spring on record.


Kim and Victoria said...

I just purchased one of these, "Chocolate Wing" to be exact. I hope it does well in a container.

Hugh said...

I'm no expert, but my guess is if you can approximate a sorta damp, shady place, it'll work. The foliage is unmatched. I love this plant.