Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game on.

The recent (short-lived, I fear) nice weather has brought a wave of migrants--plenty of Yellow-rumped and Wilson's Warblers and Golden-crowned and White-crowned Sparrows (above).  Some WCSPs overwinter here, but you can tell by the extreme dapperness of this bird that he is on his way somewhere special, is just passing through.

Spring migration in south-coastal BC is a slow, drawn out process, nothing like the explosions back east. Clearly though, spring has arrived, grudgingly, and we are well underway.  Game on!


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biobabbler said...

When males (usu. birds) look THIS great I'll even say to my husband, "I'd date him." But, alas, besides not being H.s., the super handsome ones I'm ogling are probably WAY out of my league. But, a girl can dream. =)