Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stronger than dirt.

Today I bought a power washer.  I have never owned one before, and until a mis-step during an idle conversation a week or so ago had never entertained the idea of owning one.  During that idle conversation, someone, not me, pointed out that the north side of the house was turning green.  I said, without much thought, "A power washer would take care of that."  And that was the last I thought of it.

This morning I woke up intending to spend much of the day at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, because we are presently in the thickest of the thick of spring migration.

Shazzam!  I was at the hardware store, selecting a power washer.  I picked the yellow one.

I used the "Quick Start-up" sheet to figure out how to attach what to what.  Yes, it was as easy as setting up a new computer, except computers don't come with fussy washers.  There was a line at the bottom of the "Quick Start-up" sheet that said something about reading the whole instruction manual before using the device.  As if.

I intended merely to give it a test drive, see what it could do.  Later on, in a couple of weeks, after migration had petered out, I would dress appropriately, rainsuit and boots and goggles....  I turned it on.  Ho ho. 

Two hours later our house gleamed as if it had been to the dentist, our patio was spotless (and partially submerged), and I was soaked and covered head to foot with black speckly gunk. 

Speaking as someone who is a recent Disneyland survivor, it was definitely more fun than Disneyland.

If there were a way to combine power washing with birding...

Alas. I can't think of a way of combining power washing with birding that the birds would enjoy too.


Urban Wild said...

Well,hummingbirds are attracted to the spray of a garden hose...maybe you create a hummer waterpark.

Anonymous said...

This was the best post I have read in two days of wandering among garden blogs. I LOVED that you described your power washer choice as "the yellow one" -- exactly how I selected my vacuum cleaner. But it was the final sentence that was sterling. Well done.

sarah said...

make and model, please? no, seriously. we bought one last week that provided less vavavoom than a thumb over the hoze, so we returned it.

Hugh said...

Sarah, Brand is Karcher, model K 3.450 (I think; that's the number on the manual). It's the one in the picture above.

sarah said...

thanks! oh, and that was a typo. I do know how to spell hose. geez.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

My neighbor powerwashes his cars every single week. Amazing that they still have any paint on them.