Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warblerama on again.

 It was off this morning--rain and coolness and quiet.  Mid-afternoon I started seeing warbler-flits in the lilac and pear.  I reloaded the suet the crows had pilfered, and within minutes two Audubon's were wasting a lot of energy fighting over food enough to feed an army of yellowrumps.

Audubon's are one of those birds extremely common, yet pretty enough that it isn't easy to simply brush them off as "Just another..."

Also very common, not quite so pretty, but interesting in its greenness, is the illadvisedly-named Orange-crowned Warbler.  Every spring they bash around in the Pieris bush, knocking blossoms to the ground.


sarah said...

oh my word. I think you've just helped me ID the mystery azalea I've been puzzling over. thanks!

Hugh said...

Thanks, Sarah. Happy to be of service.