Thursday, June 16, 2011


First the hockey riot, and then a criminal came into my yard and pinched 11 young seed heads from my poppies.  Very wrong.


Patricia Lichen said...

I think it was a crime of passion.

Hugh said...

Or a crime of opium.

biobabbler said...

okay, I am NOT an advocate of capital punishment, but THIS crime is shaking my resolve.

Maybe just weeks and weeks of hard labor in a garden, tenderly growing lovely things, weeding like mad, digging, installing stone walkways, etc. For YOU. And YOUR garden. When it's beastly hot.

And when they go home at night, it's to an empty, dry, weedy lot.


Tim said...

You're too cynical, Hugh. It could've been a girl wanting fresh seeds for a muffin. To bring to the riots.