Saturday, July 2, 2011

Border Collie.

Today was tremendous, sunny and warm, and, day two of a national holiday long weekend, we certainly weren't going to waste it.   Where to go?  Boundary Bay!  On top of meteorological excellence, there was a mid-day very low tide, the kind of tide where the bay drains and you can walk halfway to Mount Baker.  Look at all the blips above.

The nearby blips are the casts of lugworms.  Every day is a holiday for lugworms.  A working holiday.

But then farther out, more blips. Vertically oriented blips.  Those are people, a human barcode, alongside and interrupted by a steeple that is a border marker, marking the end of this part of Canada and the beginning of a small, otherwise unattached part of the United States, Point Roberts. Point Roberts is where Canadians from these parts purchase gasoline and cheese.

It's party time for all, both sides of the line.  This is one of those years in which the start of the long weekend is Canada Day, and the end is the Fourth of July.  Party party party.


Everybody! Wade out onto the mudflat.  The tide is way out, and not coming back any time soon. Lose your shoes! Lose your land-lubbery selves! Lose your sunglasses and then find someone else's!

Make sure you bring your dog!

Throw the ball already.


Kim and Victoria said...

Well, happy Canada Day! Looks like a great place for an outing.

biobabbler said...

wow, I even clicked on the title of this post HOPING for a pun. Thank you. =)

LOVE the human bar code description. Ah, walking out miles into the shallows sounds HEAVENLY. Beaches I'm used to in Calif. go DOWN quickly, so you will soon be a-swimmin'. I hear you can walk v. far out in Florida, too, and it's warm. Sounds heavenly.

Happy Vacay! =)

Hugh said...

Thanks Kim and Victoria, and Happy Independence Day to you.

bb, Yer welcome. It is heavenly, you know. I once wrote a story about this place and the two characters found themselves out in the middle of the flats, musing that maybe this was what heaven was like. I've swum/walked out in FL. It's odd. One minute you're snorkling in 3 ft of water, and the next you do a face-plant on a ridge of Halimeda. You stand up a mile from shore in ankle-deep water, feeling ridiculous. And it is warm, like a bathtub. Not at all like CA.