Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ducklings ducking.

At the edge of a slough I came across a group of young Mallard ducklings, far enough along that they don't look like fluff-balls anymore, yet still too young to have learned to quack.  "Peep, peep, peep."  They eyed me nervously, but didn't move, and then their mom (I assume it was their mother) swam past about 10 metres out, and several lowered their heads. (At her?)  I was only a few metres from the ducklings, and slightly above on a boardwalk.

I've not seen this before, and couldn't find anything relevant on duckling postures.  Fear?  Begging?

A few opened their bills without emitting audible sounds. Anyone have a clue what was going on?

Oh Mallard, Commonplace Duck of Mystery.


Kim said...

Maybe they were young enough to remember how she fed them? No idea! Good luck though, and great pictures! (I don't get to see many ducks often as I get to see Herons!)

Seagull Steve said...

Teenagers are always awkward. Maybe flattening themselves is their "you cant see me?" posture? Ive seen geese do it enough times.

Hugh said...

Kim, thanks. Speaking as a person who lives in a very damp place, it may be to your benefit eventually to move to somewhere more watery!

Seagull, I think you nailed it.