Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm on a horse.

Today was meteorologically glorious, first 10-out-of-10 of the year.  We were all off work/school, so decided to make the most of things.  We went to Steveston, hoping for fish and chips at Pajo's, but too many people seemed to have had the same idea.  Rather than wait in line for half an hour and then have nowhere to sit to eat, we headed back to one of the restaurants on the wharf. Pricey, but worth it.  I had a seafood hotpot, amply seasoned with Sriracha sauce.  It hurt real good.

Our table was on a patio next to the marina where the fishing boats pull in to sell dockside.  Beyond the jetty, a car transport ship, Texas Highway, drifted seaward.  Everyone on the patio stopped talking.

Thar she goes, seen through the masts and poles of fishing boats.

After lunch, we went golfing. Well, pitch-and-putting, because the kids had free pitch-and-putt tickets included with their report cards.  I have never golfed before, but somehow I know how to hold a golf club.  It turns out I have excellent pitch-and putt skills, and I was starting to take the exercise seriously when, fortunately, a Cooper's Hawk squawked and bird-watching broke out.

 Post pitch-and-putt, we drove to a berry farm, but had to stop on the road for a distracted horse-rider.

Who was texting.


Kim and Victoria said...

"Who was texting". Ha. Great.

biobabbler said...

delightful. yes, those cargo ships certainly put EVERYTHING else into perspective. The grandest yacht is a 2 cent plastic bobbing toy next to that.

Gotta love boats and planes the size of neighborhoods.

Texting... I wonder what the horse is thinking?

(mmm, molasses and oatmeal....)