Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lone star.

The first of a thousand buds of a Helianthus clump, centrepiece of the summertime back garden, has opened.  Slow this year, as many things are, because of the cold, cloudy non-summer we have become bored of griping about.  I have decided to gripe no more, having been following weather blogs that explain the stubborn pattern that has dominated the continent this month, and has resulted in the vastly warmer, drier, and certainly more difficult weather in the mid-continent and the east.  The top image of this post makes me wonder how friends (pre-internet and blog contacts) in the south-central US have been coping.

Today was yet another cloudy one, dawn to dusk, high temperature 19C (~=67 F).  Low for late July, but at least you can sleep at night.

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Murr Brewster said...

I for one am thrilled, thrilled I say, to consistently find myself on the pale yellow portion of the map. It feels like heaven to me. Too bad about the tomatoes, though.