Monday, August 1, 2011

Over the bridge and up the hill.

The sun seems to be hanging around for a bit.  In celebration, we headed to the North Shore mountains.  This required the traversing of a few bridges, including the venerable Lions Gate.  Three lanes, two going one way, one the other.  The middle lane changes direction, allegedly depending on traffic flow.

Here's the bridge from halfway up the hill, elevation about 435m.  I neglected to bring my 18-55mm lens, and the 70-300mm doesn't really give a sense of the grand, expansive view. 

Point Grey and UBC.  And boats.

We went to Cypress Bowl, where Olympic things happened last year, elevation slightly over 900 m. In past visits, we have seen bears meandering on the ski slopes.  This time, none.   We walked a few trails, saw Chestnut-backed Chickadees, which are much more difficult to photograph than Black-cappeds, Turkey Vultures, Ravens, and Jays (Steller's, no Grays).  We botanized and played in the snow.

The way back down was made treacherous by gaggles of cyclists.  They were reaching speeds of 70 km/h on the straight stretches.  Those going the other way were somewhat slower.   I prefer cycling in Richmond.  There's something to be said for flatness.

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