Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where bats sleep.

Here's a nice cedar snag, halfway up a modest mountain.   I expect that within the inner hollow, or the deeper outer crevices, bats are sleeping.

There is something comforting in the dead trees that punctuate the forest.  Humans imagine their dead ancestors and pretend that they are watching and concerned, which implies being helpful.

Dead trees simply are.

Note:  On Saturday, August 27,  a scavenger hunt based on recent posts by a clutch of Pacific Northwest nature bloggers will be presented by Patricia Lichen at her blog.  Check in, find out what's going on up here (or down here for my more northern compatriots) at this time of year, and if you find the answers to all the clues, be eligible for a prize.


Eskarina said...

How comforting to think of the bats slumbering peacefully as we toil away doing crazy human things.
The bats must have someplace to snooze in Richmond as well, as I spotted one the other morning about 5:30am while I was having coffee out on the deck.

KaHolly said...

How timely is your post. I came inside from watching the bats just the other evening and asked The Ranger where they sleep. They so totally amaze me.

Kim said...

Bats are awesome! Thanks for the post! We have them at Dead Horse Point and we used to entertain ourselves (when I lived up there) by sitting outside the visitor center at night watching them go for the moths.