Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where the snow is.

Last day of July, it isn't on the ski slopes.  This is Cypress Bowl, where in February 2010 there wasn't much snow either.  Snow had to be trucked from halfway across the province and dumped on the hillside from helicopters, or some other means, to provide substrata for several Olympic events.  Perversely, this winter, the mountain had oodles of snow.  So much that there's still a lot left.  Tromping around on snow in 25C heat is crazy fun.

In shady parts of the forest, mounds remain, one or two feet deep.  This small, oppressed-looking Mountain Hemlock must have spent much of the past six months completely buried.

Large patches remained on hiking trails.  A jogger nearly wiped out at this spot. 

Snow hole!  I was trying to figure out how this would form.  Perhaps something dark had been lying there, and its heat differential melted a hole.  Or perhaps bear pee.  Or snow weasels.

The forest was alive with the sound of gurgling.  Snow and heat = melt.  Much water is finding its way down the mountain.  And it is very cold.

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