Friday, September 2, 2011


Canada Geese are loitering in a nearby schoolyard, unaware that their bucolic late-summer existence is about to be shrilly disrupted.

Poor, uninformed anseriformes, about to be beset by tiny, pinball humans,

who won't be in cages, like those big ones over there.  The Canadas will flee.

But then, a month later, white-feathered goose cousins will arrive, en masse, and through biological warfare, reclaim the schoolyard for geese.


Samantha said...

Biological warfare..hee!
Boy, if that ain't the truth.

Kim said...

I love the descriptions....but I've been chased by geese before! I don't really feel bad for the "poor geese!" haha I think I was scared of them when I was a little kid!

Patricia Lichen said...

Yup, I'm with Kim about the descriptions--I think I love every word.
And my daughter is with her in the fear-of-geese category too. (Wonder if there's a word for that?)

Hugh said...

Samantha, Yup. Impressive what they can process in a few days.

Kim & Pat, I've seen little kids rush at them in delight, and then suddenly turn tail and flee in terror. Those things are toddler-height.

There is a reason for the word "goosed."