Saturday, November 12, 2011

Air moving briskly.

They warned us about the wind.  They didn't tell us it would start like a puncture in a pressurized  fuselage. In a matter of seconds it went from ENE 15 K/hr to Due West a Hundred.  The power struggled, failed, raised its head above water for one last gasp, and then went out.  Hours out.

The basketball net has been outgrown by all family members, and serves no purpose other than to inform that it's windy. 


"Oh, it must be windy."

What was left of fall colour is now mulching the garden or packed into brown bags awaiting curbside pickup.  Where leaves were, newspaper pages and flyers roost.


biobabbler said...

hee. I love that.

It klunked therefore it's windy.

Love wind. Nice story! =)

RPS77 said...

100 k/hr? I hope it didn't knock down any tree branches!

Sally said...

It's good at pointing wind direction, too! I'm glad that you're still popping in here now and then... Take care--