Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Garden City Geese

The sports fields of Garden City Elementary are the place to be if you are a Lesser Snow Goose. 

The turf is soggy and delicious.

Handsome beasts.

The school yard is also a peaceful place to snooze.

Fun for the entire family.

Click on the "snow geese" label below to read more about snow geese in Richmond.


Dave Wenning said...

I think this is the same flock that visits here from Wrangel Island. They split their time between the Skagit and Fraser deltas in the winter. Always an amazing wildlife experience. Nice photos. Thanks.

Hugh said...

Dave, I believe this is the same flock. How many remain or spend time here in the lower Fraser seems to vary from year to year. For whatever reason, 2011-12 appears to be a "big" year.

Ron @ *TOGBlog said...

Greetings from Southern California

I am Your Newest Follower

Take Care & Have a Nice Day :-)

Hugh said...

Hello Ron, Thank you and best wishes from BC.

Kim said...

Great pictures! We've been visiting a park in Reno, along with flocks of Canada Geese. Yesterday we spotted a snow goose in the crowd!

Hugh said...

Kim, A lot of Canada Geese overwinter here too, but I haven't seen the two species mix. Birds of a feather, except when there's nowhere else to hang out I guess.