Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Waiting for real snow.

A few days ago it appeared we might have some snow by now, but it didn't get as cold or wet as predicted (although it is cold and wet, enough to be wintry but not wintry enough to be fun).

So our only snow is the feathered kind, working its way through the city, eating parks and playgrounds and getting in the way on bike paths.  Shoo!  I ring my bell vigorously, to little effect.

This was a relatively small subset of the snow goose population, somewhere between 250 and 300 birds--although more were arriving as I pedalled away. This day they were eating the soccer field at Blundell Elementary.

Photos taken using the venerable Mr. Hesitation, slowest digital camera in the Pacific Northwest.


biobabbler said...

Not only trimming the lawn free of charge, but also fertilizing it now, so that by spring that should all be nicely broken down, nutrients available for next year's lovely spring lawn. They are workaholics. And no mere bicycle bell will divert them from their duty. =)

Eskarina said...

The little darlings were slowing traffic along Westminster Hwy today as they congregated at the north end of the field, just south of McCallan. Everyone slowed down to take a look.

By the way, have you been out to see the owls in Boundary Bay?
Very pretty!