Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have been checking the weather every few hours, because after an incredibly boring early winter, things are becoming tantalizingly interesting.  And then this from Environment Canada:

Funnel cloud?  In Vancouver?  I ran to the window.  After a meagre overnight snowfall there are but a few late-day puffy clouds turning purple over the north shore mountains.  My guess is that someone at Environment Canada mis-iconed, or is drunk, or both.

On the other hand, look at what's pending for the rest of the week. Neato winter stuff, unless EC is totally hammered and is making up everything.

Update, an hour or so later: Apparently somewhat true.  At least one other weather site has reported that a funnel cloud formed off west Richmond, which is Vancouver's southern neighbour.  Lots of meteorological instability today.  Sorry, EC, for doubting your sobriety, but you better come through with some snow this week.  Vancouver Weather Page (same link as above) is much less certain about that.

Further Update:  Someone has uploaded a short video of the funnel to YouTube.


Patricia Lichen said...

Hey, we've got snow down here in western Oregon! Oops, took too long to type this. It's gone now.

Heidi said...

mmmm...funnel cake.....