Monday, February 13, 2012

A lizard that eat people.

A lizard that eat people,
Snapping turtle chain mail glove,
Pinky throbbing.

Amphibians that poop out of their mouth,
Green jelly blob in pond,
Mushroom death.

My rabbit had an operation then died,
He has a large butt,
Why raccoons walk backwards.

How to get seven dollars,
How to clean bird poop from bathtub,
Where is the plank found in the cow?

Lizard with red popping thing under its neck,
Do elephant seals have backbone?
What do woodpeckers mean?

Large group of spiders living in a dead bush by pond,
Why do people dislike opossums?
Marmot Colorado poop.

Rice in a beaver pond,
How a wind-powered rodent chaser works,
Can a lizard kill a rabbit?


swamp4me said...

Search string poetry perhaps?

Hugh said...

Swampy, Yes. Almost any search containing "lizard" or "POOP" inevitably leads here.

Kim said...

Nice! How is your book project coming along? ...just curious!

Hugh said...

Kim, coming along steadily, but slower than I would like--but that's due to a lack of discipline. I understand why some pros go offline when they're writing. I sometimes envy current grad students for the ease of information access, but the flip side is the too ready deluge of distraction. I'm not sure how anyone would finish a dissertation these days.