Monday, February 20, 2012

Varied Thrushes mingle with robins, and hummingbird wishes they would all go somewhere else.

Robins are not signs of spring here in south-western BC.  In fact, bunches of them (collective term: rash) are signs of the dog days of winter.  In large numbers they bluster around suburban neighbourhoods eating berries and making angry chicken-clucks, and are scarcely worth a look except that sometimes among them, vastly more spectacular

 Upper left.

Varied Thrushes are slumming.   In the first picture, upper left and lower right are VATHs.

Here's another, feeling the dimwitted, berry-drunk robin vibe, uncharacteristically loitering in plain view, perched in the hazelnut tree at Paulik Park three feet below its owner,  the resident Anna's Hummingbird, Scritchy, who has no fondness for inebriated thrushes, or anyone really.

Scritchy, unimpressed.

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