Sunday, March 4, 2012

Once upon a time in Mexico, back in the 80s. Cacti.

After becoming lost in the desert and shooting a cactus with a pellet rifle as a diversion, and being disappointed that it didn't blow up like the melon in Day of the Jackal (skip to the end of the clip), and then becoming un-lost, I shot a few more cacti, but with a camera.  Above is a cardon cactus, the biggest species in Baja.

Here's a cardon forest.  There's not a lot of shade in a cardon forest.

This appealing barrel cactus with fish-hook spines was photographed near San Ignacio in the middle of the peninsula.  In taking this picture, I learned that you should not lie on your stomach in a Mexican desert unless you are dressed head-to-toe in prickle resistant garments.  There are pokey things everywhere.  Some of them are scorpions.


sarah said...


Murr Brewster said...

Ah! And you learned, so We Won't Have To. I once touched a fuzzy cactus with mere hair for thorns and I was deeply unhappy about it for days.

Hugh said...

Murr, Yes, I too have learned the fuzzy cactus lesson.

Georgia (local ecologist) said...

Great photographs.