Friday, April 13, 2012

Fewer but Greater. (Geese.)

Well here's a surprise.  I was biking out at Terra Nova, Kingdom of the Ubiquitous Lesser Snow Goose, of which I have posted far too many times (click on snow geese label below), and what did I spy at the edge of an old farm field?


Four Greater White-fronted Geese!  I've seen a few fly-overs at Terra Nova over the years, but have never before had a chance for a photo.

A very delicious bird, even if you don't want to eat it.


Eskarina said...

Aren't they great?!? They've been hanging out there since February. I keep expecting them to join the snow geese crowds but they don't. They frequently hang out with the widgeons but for reasons of their own they refuse to associate with any other geese.

Hugh Griffith said...


Of course. You saw 4 white-fronted geese back in February! No doubt these are the same birds, and not such a surprise after all. They are great indeed. From what little I observed of them, they are quiet wall-flowers. The snow goose scene would be too intense for them. They probably find snow geese crass.

Eskarina said...

The only time I have seen their feathers ruffled was the day a pair of bald eagles cruised over the park. They didn't like that one bit!
Snow geese are crass. :)